Selected Projects > Implementation designs of transportation projects during the construction works of Imittos Western Peripheral Motorway

The design was carried out within the context of the project: Design - Construction - Self-financing and Exploitation of Elefsina - Stavros - Spata Airport and Imittos Western Peripheral Motorway.

The project was conducted in three periods. During the first period (1983-1989) METHODOS ENGINEERING SA prepared the Final Design of the 5.5km of Aghia Paraskevi – Katechaki section with two interchange traffic junctions as well as the preliminary design of sections of Kontopefko - Aghia Paraskevi (1.5km) and Balana - Aghia Paraskevi (4km). That first design comprised a 2×2 cross-section with poor characteristics set by the Ministry for the Environment, Planning and Public Works as a result of the Katechaki – Karea section characteristics. Based on that design a small section of the main road (earthworks and basic infrastructure in Demokritos – Papagos section) was constructed.


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During the second period (1990 – 1995), METHODOS SA prepared a new study in which IMITTOS WESTERN PERIPHERAL MOTORWAY was part of the outer ring of Athens. It had been characterised as «closed motorway with controlled (tolled) entrances». The study was completed under the supervision of Special Public Works Department – Auto Service Station and its consultants Odomichaniki S.A. and Dromos AS.ET. and auctioned as «exploitation concession». During the second period other projects such as geotechnical, hydraulic and bridge works from the other co-concessionaire offices OTM SA, OMH LTD. and F. KOURKOULA took place. During the third period (1996 - 2003), as part of the contractual obligations, ‘ATTIKI ODOS CONSTRUCTION JOINT VENTURE’ instructed ‘METHODOS SA’ to prepare the Final Design Implementations of the geometric design of the project. Because of approved environmental terms, the project, from the outset, complied with the previously performed studies above.

IMITTOS WESTERN PERIPHERAL MOTORWAY includes 7 km of 2x3L highway, 5 km 2x2L highway, three (3) interchanges and four (4) interchanges of local service, twenty eight (28) tunnels with a total length of 7.5 km, parallel roads and upgrading or creating an extensive network of urban roads or motorways such as Mesogeion Avenue, Marathonos Avenue, Lavriou Avenue, as well as Spaton Avenue, Solomou Street and Panagitsa – Pallini Avenue. The particulars characteristics of the project are so significant that it has rightly been described as the most expensive road project ever built in Greece. A number of bridges and mainly tunnels comprises the section Stavros- Katechaki – Kaisariani, while the east and west branches (to Spata Airport and Elefsina, respectively) are located, to a great extent, at level -1 (open ditch with dense crossings or Cut & Cover) for environmental reasons. Most importantly however, the Final Implementation Design, with parallel support to the specialists, (tunnels, bridges, hydraulic, electromechanical), and construction, resulted in increased requirements for METHODOS ENGINEERING, both on quality and rate of development of the geometric design, as well as to the readiness for immediate intervention and action. The response of METHODOS ENGINEERING was prompt, complete and successful.

Client: Attiki Odos Construction Joint Venture

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